Add warmth and comfort with double-glazing

glazing-1Today, more and more Kiwi home-owners are enjoying the benefits of double glazing. That’s why our product range is designed to give you the options for double glazing. This means you’re making a smarter investment; for a warmer, drier, more future proofed home.

  • Year-round warmth and comfort
  • Reduced condensation
  • Reduced outside noise
  • UV protection from the sun
  • Saves on your energy bills

Our standard double glazed units are up to 39% more efficient than ordinary glass. We can offer a range of glass types to suit the individual needs and can colour match to existing joinery.

U-Value – Glass Energy Rating

glazing This is the measure of air-to-air heat transfer through glass due to the thermal conductance of the glass and the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures. The lower the U-Value, the lower the heat transfer and the better the insulation.

For the ultimate in thermal insulation it makes sense to maximise your glazing solution. Double glazing has added insulating benefits when combined with argon gas and Low E glass.

• Argon gas is a naturally occurring inert gas which acts as a barrier to heat loss and absorption in the home. By trapping a measured amount of Argon gas between the panes of glass and sealing it in, the insulating performance of your double glazing increases by up to 15%.

• Low E (or low Emissivity glass) helps keep the heat inside the home by reflecting long-wave radiation. Using a combination of LowE glass and Argon gas will give you the ultimate insulation performance.

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