Designer Series Frames

The continued quest for the improvement of human quality of life in our homes and buildings together with the desire to find new solutions in energy saving, have contributed to the design and development of Aluminium Systems new thermally improved aluminium window and door suite, ThermAcolour.
While aluminium is a strong, high-quality metal, it conducts heat and cold easily. In cold climates and even with double glazing, the aluminium frame can be cold enough to condense moisture on the inside surface of window frames. This condensation problem has spurred the development of better insulating aluminium frames.
Aluminium Systems is now proud to announce its new product ThermAcolour, a revolutionary aluminium window and door suite that combines significantly improved thermal performance with a wide range of colour options.

What is a Thermal Break System?
By separating the window or door frame into exterior and interior components and inserting a less conductive reinforced black polyamide insulating strip in the centre of the profile an effective thermal insulation break. This break stops the heat being lost through the frame during winter and heat coming in during the summer. Thermally broken frames combined with double glazing, provides a far more energy efficient, moisture free, comfortable internal environment while maintaining a strong aluminium structure